The underlying idea of the International Conservation Conference Problems Connected with Preservation and Conservation of Collections in Museums was conceived by the conservators of the National Museum of Agriculture and Food Industry in Szreniawa and the Academy of Agriculture in Poznań (now University of Life Sciences). The aim of the Szreniawa Conferences is to exchange views on and enhance the basic task of the museum, i.e. to preserve the tangible and intangible heritage of various areas of the past. Each historical object requires a tailored conservation approach and systemic care is the task of the entire museum environment. Conservation, being the primary task of the museum (inherent in the identity of this type of institution), is still treated selectively and individually. Biannual meetings of representatives of the community of museum staff and persons in charge of collection protection, private conservators, representatives of museum boards and organizers, academics, and museum experts have become a permanent platform for multifaceted dialogue and exchange of experience. The meetings offer an opportunity to examine the relevant issues from different angles, promote a transdisciplinary approach and enable networking of professionals and integration of cooperation of different institutions and communities for the sake of cultural heritage preservation.

All international conservation conferences to date have been held on the premises of the Museum in Szreniawa; each has been attended by 60 to 100 participants.