III International Conservation Conference entitled: Problems of museums related to the preservation and conservation of collections, Szreniawa in 2008

The third conference devoted to the protection of tangible cultural assets took place on 13-14 October 2008. The conference focused on theoretical and practical issues covering the problems of degradation of wood, paper, leather and other materials included in historic objects. The conference covered two thematic blocks, i.e. preventive conservation and creative conservation of historic objects, with particular emphasis on technical monuments. The conference was attended by representatives of many institutions, e.g. Nacionalen Selskopanskij Muzej in Sofia, Valašskémuseum v přírodě v Rožnově pod Radhoštěm, The Estonian Agricultural Museum in Ülenurme, Jagiellonian University, Poznań University of Life Sciences, Europa – Universität Viadrina, and the National Centre for Monument Research and Documentation.