Fifth International Conservation Conference entitled: Problems of museums related to the preservation and conservation of collections, Szreniawa October 5-6, 2012

The 5th International Conservation Conference Problems of Museums with Preservation and Conservation of Collections was held on 5-6 October 2012 in collaboration with the Polish National Committee of the International Council of Museums ICOM.

The leading theme of this conference, i.e. Museum conservation activities and the expectations of the museum audience – antagonisms or common interests?, were discussed in three thematic blocks:

1. Preventive conservation of historic buildings.

2. Exploitation of listed building.

3. Personnel and technical needs in collection conservation.

The conference gathered scholars and conservators from several dozen domestic and international museums (e.g. Great Britain, France, Estonia, Hungary), as well as representatives of the Marshal Office of the Wielkopolska Region and members of the Scientific Council of the Szreniawa Museum.