1st International Conservation Conference entitled: Problems of museums related to the preservation and conservation of collections, Szreniawa in 2004

The first edition of the Conference took place on 7 September 2004 and was co-organised by the then Academy of Agriculture in Poznań (today the University of Life Sciences). Due to the diverse and broad subject matter of the papers delivered during the conference, concerning the problems of biodegradation of historic objects, the session was divided into two parts. The first one involved scientific research related to the historic substance and the second one concerned conservation practice. Works related to the problems of conservation and preventive conservation of open-air museum technical objects or issues of the aesthetics of selected technical monuments were presented. The conference was attended by specialists in the field of conservation of objects made of wood and other materials from such scientific centres as: Agricultural Academy in Poznań, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Warsaw School of Life Sciences, State Archive in Poznań, National Museum in Poznań, Ethnographic Museum – Branch of the National Museum in Poznań, and the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin.